Western Precision Products, Inc.

The CNC Machining You Need

Western Precision Products is the trusted precision contract CNC machining source you've been looking for. Consistent quality on components are what we provide to our customers. We do this through integrating the latest robotic cellular manufacturing technology, CNC precision machining, Swiss turning, and 5-axis mill turn. This includes retaining highly trained employees and staying true to our mission to deliver the highest quality products in the industry. Give us a call today and see why Western Precision Products is the company of choice.

We do this by:

  • Produce the highest quality products
  • Efficiently implement your designs
  • Provide cost effective solutions
  • Exceed customer expectations with highly
    reliable components and service

Western Precision Products - Outstanding CNC Machined Products and Personal Quality Service

How we do this...

Customers, suppliers and employees will always be treated with respect
We strive to understand customer requirements from the initial call
WPP's consistent quality is goal one, every day, every hour, every minute
Provide confidence to our customers in our documented process and advance technology
Our continuous improvement in processes and our committment to customer service


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Our CNC machining capabilities are on the leading edge of technology. See what we do to stay on the leading edge for you.


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